Friday, 9 April 2010

Bigatmo sunglasses, designed, tested & trusted by aviation professionals. With unparalleled access to a host of airline pilots, air racers and drivers, Bigatmo has crafted a range of sunglasses which are simply without compromise.

Driven by one pilots’ search for sunglasses that would stand up to the challenging conditions of the flight deck, Bigatmo sunglasses allow you to read instrumentation in high-contrast environments with landmark clarity and excellent colour acuity.
Bigatmo’s sculpted titanium frames are tough, light and comfortable; you’ll forget you’re wearing them - even after many hours or when using a headset. The lenses are made from NXT® a virtually unbreakable optical polymer, which is fine-tuned to filter out the wavelengths of light that cause eye fatigue and visual clutter, as well as of course, UV.
Bigatmo sunglasses deliver true colour perception, perfect clarity of vision and high impact resistance, all wrapped up in five beautifully understated, ergonomic designs from award winning product designer Anthony Harrison-Griffin of Dot Design UK.
Available in both Plano and the very latest RX Prescription.
Bigatmo sunglasses really do set a new benchmark in the design of sunglasses, utilising the most advanced 3D CAD technology to design, develop and build the most complete optical solution.
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Bigatmo is featured in the June issue of Flyer Magazine.

Achieving highly recommended status in their Top Gear Product Review feature.

A Big, Bigatmo thanks to all who visited us at AeroExpo, we met and made many new friends.